Understanding Traction, Growth Hacking, Agile Marketing

Growth Hacking

Communication is the hub that holds the wheel of business activities. Whether your company produces quality products or render exceptional services, without a marketing effort nobody will recognize your brand. It’s important to note that you must communicate the value of your product or service to potential buyers before people even know about the existence of such product. Marketing is a methodology of communication to scale your business.  Traction is a framework for Growth Hacking, Growth Hacking is a marketing technique and Agile Marketing is an approach . These are some of the techniques and methods used to disseminate positive and engaging information and passionate follow up to ensure your potential clients become your regular buyers.


Growth Hacking  is a marketing technique that is mostly used by tech startups. It uses creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to gain exposure which will ultimately lead to sales. There’s a digital marketing aspect as it makes use of techniques like website analytics, content marketing and Search engine optimization. The major goal of growth hackers is cost reduction by shifting from traditional to digital marketing. Growth hackers focus more on taking advantage of social media marketing and viral marketing, instead of radio, television, newspaper etc. The term “Growth hacker” was first used in 2010 by Sean Ellis. According to him “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth, all their activities are scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth”.


Traction is a common term among startups. The need for traction becomes necessary because of the challenge most products newly introduced to the market face. Most entrepreneurs may spend years developing unique, amazing and result oriented products, but some of these products may not sell very well due to poor distribution strategy.

Traction is a technique that shows the best way to approach the marketing of the products and services of startups. It emphasizes on the positive impacts of modern marketing to the growth and success of startups. These modern marketing are; Search engine optimization, Viral Marketing, Public relation, Offline ads, social and display ads, target market blogs, business developments, sales, affiliate marketing programs, trade shows etc. In a nutshell, Traction is a platform upon which growth hacking operates.


Agile marketing is a modern trend in marketing. It is a strategic and tactical marketing technique that focuses more on team work and collective efforts. In this technique, teams identify and focus their collective efforts on projects of high value, cooperatively complete those projects, measure their impact and above all they will increase the results continuously overtime. Agile marketing focus more on team work and collective spirit. When a project is successful, the team takes the glory. Also, when a project fails, the team will embrace the failure; learn from their mistakes and carryout corrective measures against future projects.


On a general note, Growth hacking, Traction and Agile marketing has similar implementation approach. However, they have their own area of application. Growth hacking is used for startup while Agile marketing is used by corporate organizations. Traction on the other hand is a platform that provides the channels which growth hacking and agile marketing work with.

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